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Tissot Watch Repairs

Tissot Watch Repairs - At A Branch

Visit our branches and receive a free inspection from one of our expert staff; they will understand your needs and help restore your Tissot watch back to prime condition. We offer a variety of services for Tissot watches, including: glass replacement, new bezels, polish and clean, bracelet adjustment, battery replacement & more. You don't need an appointment, just bring your watch and visit us at your local branch. Our branches use quality equipment and methods to ensure the highest grade of Tissot watch repairs.


Tissot Watch Repairs - At The Workshop


We have a state of the art workshop for all types of watch repairs. We have sections dedicated to movement types, repair types and much more. We service most movement types, including: mechanical, automatic and quartz. The workshop only uses high quality equipment for quality watch repairs and we offer a huge range of services. Post your Tissot watch into us for a free inspection and repair estimate. Over 30 years experience with Tissot watch repairs.

About Tissot Watches

Tissot is a long running company and was established in 1853 by Charles-Felicien Tissot. In the 1930's Tissot merged with Omega to form the first ever Swiss watch making association: SSIH. The 70's was not a great period for Swiss watch making; the introduction of the quartz caused a major crisis. The SSHI eventually merged with ASUAG (responsible for the manufacturing of watch movements) to form SMH. Eventually the group became known as SWATCH which they are still known as today. Tissot have produced some revolutionary models in their time such as the Antimagnetique (1930) which was the worlds first anti magnetic watch. The 1971 Astrolon model was the first plastic cased mechanical watch with self lubricating movement function. Finally the well known Tissot T-Touch model from 1999 was the first tactile watch with compass, barometer and temperature function.  


Tissot watch repairs

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