Rhodium Plating

What Is Rhodium?


Rhodium is a rare metal which is related to the platinum family. It is much rarer and more expensive than gold and is known for having a white, mirror like finish. There are many interesting and valuable properties that rhodium possesses, such as: it's durability, sparkling appearance and anti allergic nature. Due to the rareness, expensiveness and brittleness of rhodium it isn't feasible to make jewellery out of it. It's common to instead plate white gold jewellery which rhodium which makes it look incredibly shiny.







How Is Jewellery Rhodium Plated?


Over time white gold jewellery becomes dull and unattractive to look at. Having your ring rhodium plating adds to the aesthetics whilst providing a degree of protection to the jewellery. If your ring has diamonds having it plated with rhodium will have the advantage of making the diamonds looks bigger. A very thin layer of rhodium is applied to your ring during the plating process (generally only a few microns thick). The shiny new coating will last between 6 - 12 months depending on your daily activities and how often you wear the jewellery.

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Our main workshop has a specialist jewellery repairs area and employs several talented jewellery technicians. We can add rhodium plating to your jewellery and rings and make them look exquisite again. Send your jewellery into our workshop or visit ay of our 55 branches where we will be glad to help.

Rhodium plating for rings

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