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Oris Watch Repairs

Oris Repairs - In Branch

We have 54 branches located throughout the UK; all the way from Plymouth to Aberdeen. Bring your Oris watch into any of our branches for a free inspection and repair estimate; no appointments needed. During the thorough inspection we will point out any issues with your Oris watch and notify you of a price for the repairs needed. We can change batteries and adjust bracelets for most watches on branch but we may need to send your watch away if it requires more complex work. Enter your postcode below to get started:




Oris Repairs - At Our Main Workshop

We have recently upgrades our main workshop facilities to help accommodate for specialist watch repairs. We now have dedicated movement repair areas for quartz & mechanical watches. We also have a dedicated jewellery repairs area housing several goldsmiths. We can source original parts for most Oris watches. You can send your watch to us directly using our post to workshop services. Our inspections and free estimates are free of charge and if you are not happy with the price we have quoted we will post your watch back to you, postage paid, with our compliments. If you would prefer you can also get a free estimate online.


Services For Oris

We want to help you get your Oris back to pristine condition. We can carry out a range of services for your watch, including: glass and bezel replacements, battery replacements, complete overhauls, dial repairs and restoration, replacement case and bracelet, new hands & much more. Our repairs are only completed under guarantee; if we don't think we can repair your watch you will be notified. We only use the highest quality batteries for our watches which have a great power consumption and low chance for leakage. All watches re-sealed and pressure tested.

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In-Time are experts in watch repairs with over 30 years experience. We are responsible for over 500,000 repairs every year. Our expert technicians and goldsmiths will ensure that your watch or jewellery is returned to it's sparkling former glory. 

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