Metal Watch Strap Replacements

Metal watch strap replacements

High Quality Metal Watch Straps . Range Of Styles & Sizes To Suit All

Metal Watch Bracelets Suitable For Most Watches

In-Time stock a range of well made metal watch straps. Our metal bracelets are available in a range of sizes, ranging from 8mm all the way up to 24mm. Our straps cater for most wrist sizes ensuring a comfortable fit. High quality metals ensures that your metal watch strap will endure the test of time. Our metal straps come with standard fitting ends which are designed to fit to most watch cases. If your watch uses a curved watch strap our metal straps will not fit. We offer a range of different link styles which can we can easily alter for to make your watch strap a comfortable fit. Our straps come with a range of different clasp styles which


Should I buy an extendable watch strap?

We stock a range of straps which extend and contract to fit your wrist perfectly. These style of watch straps may be more convenient for you as they fit perfectly once they have been fitted. We offer these in gold and silver colours which will work well with most watch types. We also offer a variety of watch straps which come with telescopic ends. Leather watch straps require you to measure the lug width of your watch to ensure it will fit whereas telescopic ends fit a range of watches (usually within a range of 4mm).


Home Delivery Or Collection From Branch (with FREE fitting)

All of our metal watch straps are eligible for next day recorded delivery to your desired address. Orders placed before 3PM are usually dispatched on the same day (excluding weekends). If you prefer we offer a collection from branch service. Order your preferred watch strap to your nearest branch for collection and FREE fitting. We will ensure that your metal watch strap fits correctly.

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View range of straps
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