Diesel Watch Repairs

Diesel Watch Repairs

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Diesel Watch Repairs & Servicing


Watches from Diesel are usually built to last and feature interesting designs and features. Diesel are known for creating oversized watches which make it easy to read the time and use the various functions they feature. When you've owned your watch for a while the battery will start to lose power and will need to be replaced. Some Diesel watches have several batteries to power various functions in the watch. If your watch has multiple batteries they will all need to be replaced. If your watch has had a new battery and is still not running or losing time, it may be time for a service. Servicing for Diesel watches involved dismantling of the watch movement, cleaning and re-oiling each part and then piecing it back together again. The watch is then regulated and test extensively to make sure it is performing properly. In-Time can offer you there services along with: watch hands replacement and repair, watch baton restoration, dial repair, case and bracelet refurbishment, glass replacement and a lot more. Find your nearest branch today and let our team inspect your Diesel watch for you. We'll let you know what needs repairing and advise you of the next steps.


Diesel Repairs At your Nearest Branch Or The Workshop


Visit your nearest In-Time branch where you will be greeted by excellence and knowledge. We will inspect your Diesel watch while you wait and provide you with an estimate for the repairs. Our branches have the required tools to carry out most minor repairs while you wait. If your Diesel watch requires more serious repairs we may need to post it off to our workshop for an estimate and repairs. If you decide to send your watch to our main workshop one of our many technicians will inspect and repair your Diesel watch. If you are not happy with the prices we quote there's no obligation to proceed.


Watch Straps For Diesel


In-Time stock a wide range of watch straps suitable for most Diesel watches. We stock stylish and sturdy metal watch bracelets alongside luxury leather & rubber straps. We stock straps from renowned, Austrian manufacturer: Hirsch. In-Time's own range of straps are affordable but offer great durability and elegance. Browse our straps and add a new look to your watch. If you require an original strap for your watch, from the manufacturer, you can use our special orders form.

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