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Breitling Watch Repairs

Breitling Watch Repairs At Your Nearest Branch

At In-Time Watch & Jewellery Services we pride ourselves in our professional services for most makes and models of watches. If you have a Breitling watch in need of major or minor repair then you've come to the right place. 


We have over 30 years' experience repairing all models of Breitling watches, ensuring the highest quality repairs each time. Find your nearest branch for a free inspection of your Breitling.



Breitling watch repairs

Restoration, Servicing, Battery Replacements & More For Breitling Watches. 

About Breitling

Breitling was established by a very young watch maker, by the name of Leon Breitling, in 1884. The mighty Vitesse stopwatch was released in 1930 and was so accurate that the police even used it to clock speeding motorists. During 1939 Breitling shipped many of their chronograph model watches to be used by the Royal Air Force. There are plenty of celebrities who own Breitling watches, which is not surprising considering the Breitling Emergency watches have saved several lives with their distress signals features.  


Breitling Watch Bracelet Adjustments

If your Breitling watch is too loose on your wrist you may risk severe damage if it falls to the floor. We can adjust your Breitling watch bracelet professionally and ensure a comfortable fit. Extra links can be added to make your Breitling watch bracelet bigger too.


Services For Breitling Watches

We offer a range of services for Breitling including watch battery replacements, full servicing, glass replacement and refurbishment. If your Breitling watches second hand jumps it could be a sign that the battery needs replacing or that a service to the movement is required.



Breitling Watch Repair Cost

Bring your Breitling watch to your nearest In-Time concession for a free inspection and repair estimate. Alternatively you can use our online get an estimate facility to submit a web enquiry. We will use the details you have provided and contact you within 48 hours of receiving your enquiry. Please ensure that you include and case/model numbers from the back of your watch as this will help speed up your enquiry.

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